Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can you answer questions about my legal issue?

No, we can’t provide legal advice or comments about any specific cases.  If you are a Veteran that resides in the State of Texas with a VA id card, you are welcome to register for the clinic for your specific legal issue and attend the clinic.  All questions would be answered by attorneys at the legal clinic for Veterans that attend the clinic.

2.  Why don’t you allow walk-ins at the clinic?

It’s our policy we don’t allow walk-ins at the clinics due to our organizational structure, resources, and partnerships.

3.  Who can help me register for the clinic?

The Veterans can register at the library, Veterans Resource Centers (one-stop), with social workers and caseworkers at the VA, with the Veteran’s Service Officers, Veteran’s Service Organizations, Goodwill, Texas Workforce Solutions offices, Salvation Army, to name some places where the Veterans can register for the clinic.

4.  Can you help me with a legal issue other than the legal issue advertised for the legal clinic?

No, we can only provide legal advice at the legal clinic for the legal issue advertised on the flyers.

5.  When are you offering legal clinics in my area?

You can register on the website to be notified about upcoming clinics in your area.  You can also like our Facebook page at

6.  Do you have a phone number where I can contact you?

No, all services are provided at the legal clinics after you register for the clinic, and attend the clinic.  If you have a legal issue than the legal issue advertised we won’t be able to provide legal advice about your issue.